AWWA D103 Storage Tanks are ideal for the following applications:

Potable Water
The OptiBond epoxy coating system on every HydroTec storage tank provides a durable and economical storage solution for all types of potable water installations.

Power Generation
HydroTec storage tanks are perfect for boiler make-up water, de-mineralized water, fuels and liquid chemical applications in power generating facilities

Fire Protection
HydroTec CS storage tanks are the fire protection industry standard and have been installed successfully to support fire suppression systems in thousands of different locations.

Industrial Liquids
HydroTec epoxy coated storage tanks are used to store a variety of liquid products including food, chemicals, mining fluids and slurries, pharmaceuticals and process fluids.  Wastewater HydroTec storage tanks are the wastewater process equipment manufacturers preferred storage products to deliver reliable results for operators of wastewater treatment facilities.

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