If it’s water, wastewater or industrial liquids, we’ve got it covered.

Darrell Thompson Tank’s HydroTec tank systems are the comprehensive storage solution for any fluid and are recognized as the industry standard storage solution specified by the largest engineering firms in the world. HydroTec tank systems offer experienced, fast and economical construction with a proven track record of storage success.

HydroTec Tank Systems: High quality at the lowest cost per gallon

  • Low installed up-front costs
  • Longer storage tank life = lower life cycle costs = quicker ROI
  • Fast storage tank construction save you time and money on any projects

HydroTec Designs

The performance and quality of Darrell Thompson Tank’s HydroTec tanks are available in two primary designs. All are manufactured under the strictest of quality process controls in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities, all are designed using the latest engineering tools and all are supported by our seasoned project management teams.

HydroTec TS

Darrell Thompson Tank’s HydroTec TS tanks incorporate horizontally oriental panels, mastic sealer and 4-corner joint designs. The tanks are built top down using construction process using hydraulic jacks so that construction does not require scaffolding and the tanks are expandable.

HydroTec CS

Darrell Thompson Tank’s HydroTec CS tanks are constructed with vertical panels and use gaskets. The tanks are generally scaffold built so they do not require any special jacks to construct. The chime joints add additional stiffness to the tank’s structure.

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